Communal Table (August 5)

Communal Table is here at last! I can't believe it's already the end of the week. Here are my picks for the week:

Workouts To Do At Work (Video + Article)

This video is pretty hilarious, and it's true: you're a weirdo if you do jump squats during work hours. Just try it and your co-workers will think you are on something.


Flossing is optional, and it could even be more harmful than avoiding it altogether. Who knew!? My wife is not going to like this. Sorry babe.

How Exhaustion Became a Status Symbol

This one was recommended to me by my friend, Timothy. I think we can all relate, as we feel the pressure of burnout, fatigue. We are perpetually exhausting ourselves to death. From the article:

Today, exhaustion still hints at status, but of a different sort. To say that you’re exhausted is to telegraph that you’re important, in demand, and successful. It’s akin to the humblebrag of ruefully describing yourself as “so busy”—naturally, since exhaustion follows from busyness. In Schaffner’s telling, the associations of exhaustion with prestige have crystallized in the form of burnout. First used in the 1970s to describe exhaustion suffered by workers in the social sector, “burnout” was characterized by increased cynicism and apathy, and a decreased sense of personal accomplishment. Since then, its application has widened to include all worn down, overburdened workers, especially in Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands, where burnout is a subject of regular media debate. Burnout, caused by workplace conditions rather than by a worker’s mental and physical composition, is depression’s more palatable, more prestigious cousin.

There Isn't Really Anything Magical About It: Why More Millennials Are Avoiding Sex

This is pretty interesting. Younger millennials seem to have a lower sex drive than older millennials. This seems to stem from a higher use of technology, as this was the first generation to grow up with smartphones in their pockets and screens everywhere. Maybe it will be easier for younger millennials to wait until marriage than it was for older millennials and baby boomers?   

That Post-Workout Brownie Craving Is Totally Normal

Ahhhhh, so that's why I want a cookie or mint chocolate chip ice cream on workout days!

What Is the Bible All About?

It’s all too easy to read ourselves, instead of Christ, into his story.

Nicholas Davis

Rev. Nicholas Davis is a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America.

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