Communal Table (July 13)

Communal Table is a weekly feature where I share and recommend various things that I've enjoyed on the world wide interweb and other places (real places, even). A link to a particular website does not mean that I endorse everything that is said, but that there is at least something that I have appreciated from the article/book/audio/podcast/video/etc. 

I hope this will prove to be a valuable resource for you. It will sometimes be entertaining, though not necessarily always. As a professor of mine once said, education should be entertaining: "edu-tainment."


Beat the masses AND Don't get all of your news from Facebook

An insanely high number of people (64%) are getting their news from only one source...not CNN, not Fox News, but Facebook! Oh my. :(

Church attendance spikes thanks to pokemon go

Babylon Bee is at it again. This is satire of course, and there is a dire warning against the classic bait-and-switch technique that is so oft used by Christians.

When Things Are not what they seem

My lovely other half wrote a nice post over at her mommy blog, Baby Blue Mom. Check it out.

Currently Reading & Highly Recommend

Gilead: A Novel
By Marilynne Robinson

Why single is not the same as lonely

Sam Alberry wisely says:

Sex and intimacy are not the same. It’s possible to have a lot of sex and yet find no intimacy. Sex is designed to deepen and express intimacy that already exists; it cannot in itself create it. But it’s also possible to have a huge amount of godly, healthy intimacy without sex.

Episode 34 - Black and White: racism in america

The Liturgists Podcast discusses racism in white supremacist America.

What shootings and racial justice mean for the body of christ

Last week, Russell Moore wrote a knockout article addressing what the recent shootings and racial justice mean for the church.

We must bear one another’s burdens (Gal. 6:2), which means that those in majority cultures listen to our brothers and sisters who are directly in harm’s way.

Nicholas Davis

Rev. Nicholas Davis is a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America.

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