How to Treat Homosexuals Who Come to Your Church

I hope this answer doesn’t surprise you, but you should treat homosexuals no differently than heterosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders, adulterers, liars, lushes, gossips, or anyone else who walks through the doors of your church. Anyone and everyone should be warmly welcomed by the pastor and members of the congregation, and visitors should be extended the invitation to have lunch or dinner in the homes of members and leaders in the church.

This is because the church is the only place on earth where the gospel is preached and the forgiveness of sins is freely offered to all people. The gospel is offered to all kinds of people—no matter what race, financial status, sexual orientation, or gender—because all kinds of people are equally sinners before a holy God. The gospel is for everybody.

This is Paul’s point at the beginning of Romans, where he not only points out the sins of homosexuals, but of everyone, and says every single person is without excuse before the law of God (Romans 3:19-20). God’s law equalizes all of us—truly, it is the one thing that makes everyone equal. All have sinned and fall short. So when someone walks into your church who is very different from you, be sure to welcome them and get to know them.

Let visitors ask questions and give them the opportunity to explore the church. The ultimate goal is that they would come to sit under the preaching of the word, and come to see the world as God sees it—all people are naked and ashamed before God apart from the gospel, but through the gospel we are clothed with the robes of Christ’s righteousness and are shameless and blameless before God. May you welcome all people through the doors of your church in the hope that everyone who comes might be welcomed into God's kingdom forever. How great would that be? 

Nicholas Davis

Rev. Nicholas Davis is a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America.

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