The Divided States of America

I recently had an article published in the September issue of Fathom Magazine. Here’s a short excerpt from the article:

What is needed, then and now, is a robust biblical Christianity. It is true, as Griffith notes, that Jesus did not have much to say about sex in comparison to his teachings on money and neighborly love, but that does not mean he was silent on the subject.

Christians should be neither sex-obsessed nor sex-blinded. Jesus calls us to view sex and our sexuality not as a master, but as a servant—a gift rather than a functional savior. As sinners, we substitute idols for the one true God who made us and alone has the ability to redeem us. Picking between the liberal Jesus and the conservative Jesus does nothing to mend the polarization within our churches and across our nation. It merely perpetuates a battle of dishonesty and denial.

Christianity is not a list of dos and don’ts. Both conservatism and liberalism fail to confess the whole Jesus, each grasping for political power and social influence. When we turn what Jesus said into power plays about sex, or power plays about being kind and loving toward others, we actually empty the gospel of its power. The gospel itself is the “power of God unto salvation for all who believe” (Romans 1:17), and when we trust in him and are united to his church, it is this gospel power that makes us more moral and more loving people in the end.

You can go here to read the full article, along with all the great content Fathom features every month!

Nicholas Davis

Rev. Nicholas Davis is a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America.

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